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President George W. Bush Citation to the Crew of the U.S.S. Trathen
Trathen Association in Washington Group Photo (Click here)

September 4, 2001


The actual document is difficult to read. The citation is recreated below.

The White House, Washington, September 4, 2001

I am delighted to send warm greetings to all those gathered in Arlington, Virginia for the USS Trathen reunion.

The sailors who fought for America served our Nation with honor and distinction. Your sacrifice protected the democratic ideals on which America was founded, and your courageous devotion serves as an example to all Americans. Today, you are living symbols of the USS Trathen's proud tradition, and I commend you for your courage on behalf of freedom.

Americans must always remember that our achievements in peace and war alike have been built on the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. I salute you and all our Nation's veterans for responding to the call of duty with strength, resolve, and courage.

Best wishes for a successful and memorable reunion.



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In September of 2001 the Trathen Association held their annual reunion in Washington D.C. In recognition of the President's obvious leadership during a very tragic time for our nation, the association sent the President a token of our esteem in the form of a USS Trathen cap. The President signed the inside of the bill and returned the cap to the association for placement in our museum. In addition, he sent the citation above.

Walt Cross