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Statements of Support

Statements of Support signing can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.  I often carry a statement with me in my car as I am traveling and doing business or running errands.  Sometimes getting an employer is as simple as asking to see the manager of the business you are visiting for other reasons.  Explain who you are as a member of the ESGR Oklahoma Committee.  Present your ESGR business card if you are carrying it and simply ask for their support and signature. 
Its a good idea to have a resource guide with you as well if you need to refer to it.  I have yet to have a business manager turn down my request.

Elaborate signings.

More elaborate signings such as multiple employers or a high profile employer such as a large company, requires more planning and coordination.  These kind of SOS signings require support from the State Chairman, the OKESGR full time support team, and perhaps even the TAG (The Adjutant General, MG Harry M. Wyatt III) to attend.  If you are planning this type of signing, please contact us well ahead for coordination.

Other Tasks

There are other tasks to be performed such as presentations to Guard and Reserve units over the ESGR program, or presentations to local employers seeking information, or attending a patriotic ceremony.  Our goal is for each committee member to feel he or she is a productive member of the team, and to leave each quarterly training session with a specific task they want to complete prior to the next meeting.  If, at the end of the training you have a question about what is expected of you, please seek out the Chairman, the Executive Director, the PSS or the APSS and ask us.  We want your experience to be as fulfilling for you as possible.
We also want to hear of your experiences, don't be bashful about touting your accomplishments, what you do as an individual reflects most favorably on all of us.  Let us know!  Email us, tell us at the training, or give us a call.